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Ecology and transmission dynamics of Kala-Azar in Ethiopia





Structure and management

Endemic Foci of Kala Azar



Non-Human reservoir hosts

The involvement of animals in the epidemiology of human visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia and in neighboring Sudan has been previously suspected. Both Leishmania infantum and L. donovani have been reported from East Africa. Domestic dogs, the major peridomestic reservoir of L. infantum in the Mediterranean basin and South America, have been found infected with both species. Wild  animal species such as  several species of rodents, mongooses (Herpeistes ichneumon), the genets (Genetta genetta) have also been found infected. We will determine the role of domestic and wild animals as drivers of transmission in endemic foci and their possible importance in maintaining transmission in between outbreaks and in uninhabited areas.

Dogs will sampled in villages with active transmission of leishmaniasis. Wild animals will be trapped, examined for any clinical signs of disease, and sampled for Leishmania infection. The infection status of animals will be evaluated using PCR, serology and parasite culture.


  1. Prof. Gad Baneth, DVM, PhD.;  email-

  1. Dr. Dalit Talmi-Frank, DVM, Hebrew University – research associate;
  2. Dr. Daniel Yasur, DVM. PhD student;

Gad Baneth’s group is at The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine in the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture . He is also a member of the Kuvin Center for the Study of Tropical and Infectious Diseases

Laboratory team sampling dogs for a leishmaniasis survey in Israel

Survey for canine leishmaniasis, Uzbekistan 2007.

Dog with clinical signs of leishmniasis restrained for sampling during survey.

Funded by: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation


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